Becoming an online personal trainer

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Enquire to Become a Personal Trainer. Below is a short checklist of the things that you need to do before you can even think about starting an online personal training business. If you want to become an online personal trainer, it is imperative that you have the right qualifications.

You absolutely must have completed a Level Two Gym Instructing qualification and a Level 3 Personal Training courseboth of which must be regulated by an Ofqual approved awarding body. Because without these qualifications, you will not have the necessary knowledge or expertise to coach clients. Plus, you will struggle to get insured as a personal trainer as any reputable insurance provider will require you to prove that you are at least Level 3 qualified in order to qualify for a policy.

There are plenty of opportunities in the world of health and fitness, but it's still a pretty competitive industry. With so many qualified fitness professionals out there, who is going to take advice from an unqualified online personal trainer? Unqualified trainers are dangerous, and should be avoided at all costs. If you want to succeed in this industry, you need to ensure that you are qualified to offer personal training services. Your qualifications should accurately reflect your abilities, the services that you offer, and to some extent, how much you charge your clients. Choosing the right personal training course is a whole different subject, and something that we discuss in a lot more detail in our comprehensive guide to becoming a personal trainer.

If you want to make an informed decision with regards to your training, I strongly recommend reading our guide to becoming a personal trainer, or article discussing free personal trainer courses! Whilst working for somebody else in a gym might be the last thing you want to do, gaining relevant work experience will be really beneficial when it comes to starting your online business. There really is no better way to develop your skills than to put them into practice! Taking this time to experience what it's like to train people in person will give you the opportunity to discover your strengths and weaknesses, develop your knowledge of creating and implementing effective training programmes, figure out the client demographic that you enjoy working with, and determine your USP.

Each of the points above enable you to identify your skill set and get a better idea of the best niche for your business - but more on that later. What we can do is cover some of the main pros and cons of online personal training and how they can impact your earnings:.

One way that becoming an online personal trainer can benefit your income is by removing any fees associated with renting a space in a gym. Starting your own online personal training business essentially removes the middle man the gymallowing a direct relationship between yourself and your clients.

Another way that you can make more money by becoming an online personal trainer, is by taking on more clients. Having less contact time with clients and not having to personally deliver every session frees up a lot of your time, allowing you to increase your client list ificantly. Plus, because you can offer training plans and sessions remotely, rather than in person, your potential clients are no longer limited by your postcode!

Becoming an online personal trainer

Instead, pretty much anybody with access to the internet has the potential to become a client. One additional way in which your bank will benefit from you researching how to become an online personal trainer, is through the endless opportunities for career progression that are available to online PTs. Although online personal trainers do have access to a lot more clients than PTs who only run face-to-face sessions, with that increase in clients comes increased competition.

For that reason, it can be hard to really make it as an online personal trainer without an effective marketing strategy and a unique selling point USP that really makes your business stand out. Far too many personal trainers think that if they become an online personal trainer, they will have a less-intense or less time consuming career. Whilst this is the case to a certain extent, running an online business is by no means an easy job.

Instead, you will spend more of your time on marketing strategies, and communicating with clients over or via online platforms. With more clients comes the need to create more training plans, meaning that online personal training is still a pretty demanding career.

Becoming an online personal trainer

Compared to face-to-face interactions, fostering personal connections through online platforms can be really difficult. As a result of this, client retention can be tougher for online PTs, which can make their income pretty unpredictable. It's much harder to form a genuine relationship with online clients, which means that loyalty almost completely goes out of the window. Fortunately, OriGym has put together this article discussing the top tips for PT client retention.

The final stage of laying the foundations for your online business, is to set up a website with your desired domain name. We know that we said you should focus on getting qualified and gaining some experience in a gym first, but having a website or at least a landing set up is a great place to start creating an online presence and grow your client list.

For the time being, you could use it as a way to advertise your face-to-face programmes, share success stories, and offer a contact form for potential clients in your area to enquire about your services. Setting up your own domain name is easy, too. Once you do start your online personal training business, it's important your business name and domain name are the same.

So, choosing the right domain name is something that you give a lot of thought, rather than randomly selecting the first one available. Need h elp choosing a good name? Check out our unique suggestions for personal training business names here! Become a Personal Trainer with OriGym! Opportunity recognition occurs when life changes or when advertising prompts an upward change in expectations.

A great point from experts on marketing and brand management, there couldn't be a better way of explaining how important it is to construct a proper brand identity. This is why it's so important that your branding and business name show that you're an online personal trainer - the less time it takes for your prospective clients to realise what you can provide them with, the more successful you'll be when it comes to advertising and converting le!

Once you've decided on a business name and purchased your domain, it's time to build your website if you don't already have one. This part is a little more difficult, so it might be a good idea to outsource this task to a freelancer or professional web developer. This investment can make all the difference in the long-term and will really transform your website, plus it will pay for itself once you bring in a couple of clients.

If you did want to try deing your ownyou could try a tool like Elementorwhich runs through WordPress and makes the de process more intuitive, without the need for a knowledge of coding. Landing s are much easier to de thanks to sites such as Leadsand they can easily be linked to or advertised via platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. All the way through the foundation stage of your career, you have been gathering pieces of a wider puzzle, getting to know the kind of clients you like working with, figuring out any specific areas of the industry that you particularly enjoy, and acquiring experience in general.

This stage is the point at which you organise everything you already have into a framework, allowing you to get a more accurate idea of the kind of online business that you want to start. You may be thinking that you already know what kind of clients you want to train based on your experience in a gym, but there are two points to consider here:. Online Clients, despite having a lot of the same goals, are a completely different audience to clients in a gym setting. In your preliminary research, you need to find out about the kind of people looking for online personal trainers, and how best to advertise your services to this demographic.

Carrying out preliminary research prior to starting a new business is essential. Read all about how and why you should carry out preliminary market research as part of writing your personal trainer business plan. The second difference between in-person and online clients, is that recruiting clients online will require you to tear up everything that you know about marketing.

You can no longer advertise your online business using posters in your local gym, share a bit of content on social media, and rely on gym members - at least not if you want to acquire clients on scale! Instead, you need to focus a lot more on your online presence, especially your website! You can even utilise the spaces in which your online clients are looking for a trainer to learn more about your potential clients.

Those research spaces include:. With the information that you acquire from this research, you need to start building a picture of what the target audience of your online personal training business might look like. Think about their demographics, such as their age, gender, and level of affluence. You should also consider what kind of exercise goals your clients will have, and whether you want to target a specialised population. The world of online health and fitness is really broad, with tons of areas of specialisation, and a whole range of potential clients from all walks of life.

Instead, the key to success in this industry is to pick a speciality and get really good at it. For example, if you want to know how to be an online personal trainer that offers meal plans and diet advice, this should be your core focus. You should research others online businesses that offer these services and think about studying an advanced nutrition course to improve your knowledge of the core principles of nutrition. If you want to steer clear of nutrition and focus on a specific demographic, such as strength-training, you should tailor your marketing strategy to target these clients specifically, perhaps even getting qualified as a strength and conditioning coach to really establish yourself as an expert in this area.

The goal of this stage is to really condense your knowledge and your skillset into a niche that you can really capitalise on. For your website and as a result, your business to be successful, you need to provide a valuable, unique product that provides your clients with something that they can't get from your competitors. Carrying out competitor research is essential, so check out their websites and services, look out for what they do well, and have a think about what you could do better. But a clear website, with calls to action, client success stories, social media links, details of your offered services, and enquiry forms — at the very least — are going to help you stand out.

That could include a few foundational muscle-building programmes for people of different ages or abilities. The hardest part of creating this type of content for your online personal training business is optimising the content for an online audience and deciding how you want to deliver your services. This bit is just the practical side of running a business. Deciding on a software is not something that we can offer you, personally, much specific advice on.

While that may not sound particularly helpful, our coyness is for good reason. Different online personal trainers with different skills, clients, and targeted audiences, are going to need different software packages. Once you have found a couple of different softwares that suit your requirements, utilise free trials and test them out.

Becoming an online personal trainer

Two of the most popular personal training software packages are PT Distinction and Total Coachingand it is true that these pieces of software are fairly comprehensive in the range of tasks that they cover. For a comprehensive overview of the best software packages available for personal trainers, your best bet is to head to our best personal trainer software article. While your software should provide you with the general systems and framework that you need to run your business, you might still need to find a way to take secure payments. There are many payment services operating in the UK and abroad, but keep in mind that new customers want to see something they know and trust when they visit your website.

We recommend opting for either PayPal or GoCardless. These are both international businesses, and although you will have to pay a small licence fee, choosing either of these companies will make your business look more trustworthy.

Having a well-deed website is one thing, but getting your website in front of potential clients is a whole different story. To ensure that people do find your website, here are our top tips for marketing your new website:. It is perhaps the worst protected secret in marketing that Facebook and Google should be your first port of call when you want people to see your website and product.

If you target the right keywords, budget correctly, and research your audience in detail, these avenues can massively boost the of potential clients visiting your site. There are also some great resources for learning how to write effective Facebook and Google. To start, we suggest taking some courses using Facebook Blueprint and Google Garage. These platforms are a brilliant way to maximise the reach of your marketing efforts and to make your brand more visible, but how can you get the most out of these platforms? One of the best but lesser known ways of marketing yourself on social media is to engage in active fitness communities, such as Facebook groups.

By regularly engaging in such communities, and slowly making it known that you are an expert with a product to sell all the time avoiding aggressive sales tacticsyou can recruit some loyal clients and improve the visibility of your business. There are a of ways to optimise your website for SEO purposes, but in truth you might have to hire a freelancer or ask your web developer to do it for youin order to see.

In short, SEO is all about getting people to click on your site, and getting them to interact with your content once they are there. As such you need to write in an engaging manner, and have plenty of calls to action such as enquiry forms and boxes on your webs. Content is therefore absolutely essential when it comes to generating new client le, and to maintain a loyal customer base. The kind of content marketing you create should really depend on your individual strengths. If you are a good public speaker, try YouTube content or start a podcast.

Simply set up a blog on your site and use it to funnel traffic to your sales s. By now, you should have an idea of how to start an online personal training business. You should have a clear target market in mind, a niche, pre-prepared content programmes, a clear marketing strategy, and plans in place to run your business and take payments.

Once you have put the time and effort into successfully implementing a full business strategy, you will soon start to see the rewards of your efforts. These final few steps will take you through all the best ways to grow your online business to and sustain a consistent level of success and growth. That reason? Because they spend a lot of their time there.

In fact, as an online personal trainer, the majority of your time will be spent at your desk working on your laptop. There are, however, a few things you can do here to soften the workload for yourself. The most obvious answer to this is to hire a freelancer from a site like People per Hour.

You could hire a marketing executive to cover the technical side like and SEO work, leaving you with more time to do creative tasks. This would allow you to take care of the more personal side of marketing, social media posting, first-hand engagement with clients, and creating content that reflects your brand and persona.

Becoming an online personal trainer

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