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Golubski worked 35 years in the KCK police department, moving up the ranks from a patrol officer to a detective and later a captain investigating homicides, before retiring in But it was inwhen Lamonte McIntyre was freed from prison after serving 23 years for two murders he did not commit, that questions began to arise publicly about the former cop who colleagues said had cultivated a vast network of informants.

Golubski, whose investigation led McIntyre to prison, faces allegations in a lawsuit that he used his police badge to exploit vulnerable Black women for sexual favors and coerced some of them into fabricating testimony to clear cases he investigated. Questions also are being raised about the department and how this kind of behavior could have gone on for so long.

It was the civil lawsuit filed by McIntyre and his mother, Rose McIntyre, who says the former detective coerced her into having sex with him, that brought Golubski to the 22nd-floor office of a Kansas City law firm in November. Simpson fame, has a track record of success representing victims of police misconduct and defendants who were wrongfully convicted.

A spokeswoman for the Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department said the allegations against Golubski date back 25 years, and supervisors and command personnel from that time had retired or moved on.

Black women in kansas city sex

Golubski faces other legal challenges, including possible exposure to criminal prosecution, which lends added importance to any answers he might provide in a deposition. The Kansas Bureau of Investigation opened an investigation of sexual assault allegations against Golubski and whether he committed any crimes related to the homicides for which McIntyre was convicted.

In July, the KBI said its investigation was continuing but had not uncovered any violations of Kansas law that fell within the Kansas statute of limitations.

Black women in kansas city sex

The agency, however, said it had referred possible violations of federal law to federal authorities for their consideration. Golubski, she said, hit on her as other Kansas City, Kansas, police officers conducted a search warrant at her house.

Days later, she testified, Golubski returned to her home and told her he knew the district attorney and could help two of her children, who were under police investigation. As they talked, he inched closer to her on a couch, she said. And so I stood up. He stood up. Then, she said, he raped her. She testified that the assaults continued, both at her residence and in his police car, as the criminal case against her children was pending. She said she was too scared to report Golubski.

In an interview last year with KCUR, former FBI special agent Alan Jennerich, who was ased to investigate corruption in the KCK Police Department in the late s and early s, said that at one time 13 or 14 police officers were under investigation. Stacy Quinn was standing across the street from the powder blue Cadillac in which the men were killed by four shotgun blasts in broad daylight and had a direct line of sight to the shooter.

She noted that McIntyre matched none of the physical characteristics of the person she saw fire into the car. Although Mitchell identified McIntyre as the shooter during an interview with police after the shooting and later at trial, in she said in a sworn affidavit that she may have mistakenly identified McIntyre as the perpetrator. She said in the same affidavit that she was fearful of Golubski because he came on to her by making comments about her body and asking if she dated white men as he drove her to the police station.

But when she saw McIntyre in the courthouse after she arrived to testify, Niko Quinn realized he was not the shooter. And when she told Terra Morehead, the prosecutor in the case, that McIntyre was the wrong man, Morehead threatened to take her children away if she did not testify, Quinn said in a affidavit. Golubski did name Stacy Quinn in his police report as someone who could testify as a witness to the crime and identify the suspect.

You had been paying Stacy Quinn to have sex with you since she was 16 or 17 years old, correct? She was 30 years old, according to an obituary. Marcus Washington Jr. Born in into a Catholic family that attended the former St. Unlike many of his friends, he was never drafted.

Black women in kansas city sex

On March 5,a year-old man named Kenneth Borg died at the former Bethany Medical Center from internal bleeding caused by a tear to his abdomen, according to an article in The Star. Golubski, the article said, admitted to striking Borg with his nightstick as he transported him from the Gaslight Club where Borg had been drinking that night to a detoxification cell at the Kansas City, Kansas, jail. And a KCK police captain was allowed to serve as a bailiff during the closed-door proceedings, which the Times report at the time described as an unusual arrangement. Golubski passed a polygraph test.

Ultimately, the inquest did not conclude what caused the injury that killed Borg, who was found unconscious in a holding cell for drunks before police took him to seek medical care. The FBI investigated the matter as a possible civil rights violation but ended up not pursuing a case. As he climbed through the ranks and was promoted to detective, Golubski came to be known within the department for having an extensive network of sources and informants.

Golubski was known to keep his sources secret from others in the police department. In his deposition, Miller, the former police chief, was asked about that incident, which was said to have occurred in and involved a witness performing the sex act. Miller said he could not recall.

Black women in kansas city sex

Official records about Golubski are closely held in Wyandotte County. Golubski has been divorced three times and another marriage was annulled, according to his deposition testimony. He has an adult son by one of his marriages. She said she knew nothing about the homicide but Golubski kept contacting and visiting her anyway. The two eventually married and enjoyed what she said was initially a good relationship.

Black women in kansas city sex

She said troubling s emerged when Golubski became controlling and kept household financial information from her. I dealt with my hurt feelings by running up some big credit card bills. She left Golubski after confronting him about his frequent conversations with a woman who had been a witness in one of his cases, she said in a affidavit. She said Golubski continued to stalk her for 10 years following their divorce and paid a teenager to break into her house, resulting in Golubski showing up to investigate when she called police.

Armstrong, the former police chief, was asked in his deposition whether Golubski had fathered children in the community by women who were involved in drugs or prostitution. Ellington, who died insaid Golubski made no secret of his proclivities for Black prostitutes and that many in the police department knew about it and ignored it or covered it up. The police department listed some of them as unfounded. Others resulted in no discipline, including a complaint in which a woman said Golubski and other officers searched her apartment looking for her boyfriend as part of a murder investigation.

A KCKPD major said he talked to the witnesses and concluded that the reporting person fabricated the claims. In another complaint dating toa woman accused Golubski of putting her safety at risk by divulging to others that she was an informant in an FBI drug case that sent at least one person to prison.

Providence Medical Center confirmed that Golubski had worked there but said it could not state why he left, citing privacy laws. Search Query Show Search. Special Series. Show Search Search Query. Play Live Radio. Next Up:. Available On Air Stations.

Black women in kansas city sex

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Black women in kansas city sex

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Black women in kansas city sex

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Accused Of Coercing Women Into Sex And Lies To Solve Cases, ex-KCK Cop Takes The Fifth