Desire Indianapolis first

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Learn about the experiences of early residents and how they grappled with pivotal and ongoing issues of freedom, equality and faith. Doughnuts themselves have faced persistent critiques over their unhealthiness, and doughnut shops are sometimes stereotyped as dives peopled by working folks and overweight cops. Doughnut consumers often zealously champion particular chains or local shops or celebrate one variety while castigating others, but the contemporary doughnut is an enormously standardized food.

Doughnuts have been produced for centuries: the origins of fried flour actually rests somewhere in the Neolithic, and nearly every global cuisine has savory or sweet fried pastries. In the Salvation Army popularized doughnuts when Helen Purviance was among 11 young women sent to support American troops in Europe. Doughnuts became most common as a mass-produced food in the s. Adolph Levitt developed a doughnut machine prototype in that was installed in his Harlem bakery window, and he marketed it and prepared flour mixes, which mushroomed into a chain known as Mayflower Doughnuts.

Mayflower would eventually open a North Capitol Street bakery producing doughnuts for retail sale inbut the Downyflake Doughnut shop opened in October on North Pennsylvania Street. It cuts the doughnut floats it on top of the fat which is heated electrically and kept at just the right temperaturefries the doughnuts on one side turns it over fries the other side and then ejects it from the machine untouched by human hands.

These bakeries understood that the production of a doughnut could be fascinating theater: watching a doughnut machine was a pleasant anticipation that heightened desire. This photograph shows the northwest corner of 48 East Washington Street. In the 21st century a host of doughnut producers have now turned to gourmet doughnuts. Gourmet doughnut shops defy the mass-produced doughnuts that have characterized American doughnuts for a century, instead appealing to a consumer imagination that desires superior flavor, embraces culinary creativity, and fancies they have a discerning and educated palate.

Gourmet doughnut shops run by professional chefs use a host of organic and artisanal materials and make creative if idiosyncratic flavors. Cosmopolitan foodies have flocked to gourmet doughnuts, but the masses have remained steadfastly committed to local doughnut shops, favored chains, and traditional glazed and cake doughnuts. Food is routinely a powerful social mechanism, and doughnuts have bonded little leagues, church groups, and families for generations.

Doughnuts perhaps seem to be prosaic things, but bakeries, social contexts, and people with whom we eat doughnuts are at the heart of many of our lives and memories. Paul R. He is a historical archaeologist who studies consumer culture in the last half-millennium, including research on the intersection of material consumption and the color line; dark heritage; and the relationship between popular culture and contemporary materiality. Welcome Back! Learn More.

Desire Indianapolis first

Check out our latest exhibit! Step Inside A snapshot of frontier life Learn about the experiences of early residents and how they grappled with pivotal and ongoing issues of freedom, equality and faith.

Desire Indianapolis first

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Desire Indianapolis first

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Desire Indianapolis first

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