Female looking for gym buddy

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Btw, My gym buddy is my incredibly motivated sister who nags and nags for us to push harder :P. I like the idea of a gym buddy in theory, but in practice, I know that my workouts are sort of a wonderful meditative time with myself. I'm also very very picky about who I like to spend my time with I'm very comfortable spending all my time completely aloneso I'm not sure the time investment in finding a person to work out with would be worth the tremendous hassle.

Plus anytime I've had a workout buddy, I ended up being the nagging motivator, which gets tiring. It's hard enough keeping myself motivated I'd love to have some female gymbuddies but how do you get those:. If you ever find out let me know!

Something I started doing was talking to the fellow female regulars or just approach the females who wander in the weights room looking lost and offer to do some form of exercise with them. One day, I noticed there was three of us in a row using the squat racks felt like a badass squatting alongside these two so approached the more familiar one afterwards and went: "Hey, I see you in here all the time and since there's very few females in here, figured I might as well introduce myself.

Female looking for gym buddy

My name is [actual name]. Let me know if you find them! Well my sis won't be here long, I'd love to know as well :. For the most part I enjoy it. In fact, I recently reed the gym on the condition that they do it too. However, we have a set time to meet everyday and if they don't make it then I continue my workout as usual. Our goals are very different though, so it's more for the company. They are trying to lose weight while I am trying to gain it. And I must admit I do push them really hard sometimes and myself.

BUT on the other hand, I hate communicating with ppl when I am working out!! I get so furious when I am in the middle of a set and my fiance comes and starts a conversation with me : so yeah, I guess, no gym buddy for me Your situation is similar my mine, but I think it's the perfect amount of gym buddy.

Female looking for gym buddy

We're aware of what each other is doing and what our goals are, but we work out independently. On the way to and from the gym we talk about how our workouts went and give advice for next time. Works great! It turned into social hour, and it was taking way too long to get our workout done. I stopped going. Started going again recently, and bumped into a sorority sister. We hadn't planned to work out together, but she asked me what I was doing and if she could.

I enjoy her company, and love that we showed each other different routines, but TBH I get easily distracted and have a hard time concentrating or counting when I'm chatting it up lol.

Female looking for gym buddy

Most of the time I prefer to put my headphones in and do my shit I work out with my boyfriend! He has lost over 50 pounds since August and it's encouraging to have him as a gym buddy. Plus, he's handy for all the equipment I can't reach lol. My first gym buddy was a teammate from my college water polo team. Since then my lifting buddies have all been friends who were interested in lifting. They would ask me to teach them, and eventually a few stuck around and became my lifting buddies :. Right now I'm on year 2-ish with the same buddy and it's been super.

I'm picky about long term gym buddies. They need to be efficient, focused on improving so that we both push eachothercan and will chat between sets but not small talk, have a compatible schedule, good gym manners and safety, and be reliable. The best part of training your gym buddy is that you can teach them the gym habits you like :.

My buddy is also my sister; I'm lucky enough that while we didn't get along at all in childhood, we are now best friends and live near each other.

Female looking for gym buddy

She has severe asthma, so seeing her being able to plug 7 miles on a treadmill without needing her inhaler during or after inspires me so much! That's a beautiful story, so glad your sis overcame her condition. She's such an inspiration :. I currently work out alone since I go during lunch time at work. I don't mind being on my own in the gym but I've worked out with a buddy before one of my bff's, doesn't happen anymore because babies and I find it a lot more fun with a friend.

Hoping the matching we did back in Jan hooks me up with someone :D. My gym buddy is a platonic male friend that I work with. We go every night, and it's nice having someone who is stronger and more knowledgable than me. We learn a lot from each other. We do the same workout but at different weights obvs. I've made some sweet sweet gains since we started hitting the gym together. My gym buddy is my husband. Now we just need for one of us to become incredibly motivated. I live with two female friends, who motivate me to wake up in the morning, we go to the gym together, so I can't bail on them.

We go 5x a week, but I do my own workout by myself. It's working wonders for me, before I used to skip the gym a lot. I met my gym buddy in college - he was the roommate of one of my good guy friends and looked like he knew what he was doing in the gym. Turns out he did and I asked if he could take me under his fitness wing and teach me about weightlifting in exchange for dinners. We go back and forth between doing workouts together or working out by ourselves - usually depends on the workout. It's nice to have a spot, someone to critique your form or someone to motivate you a little more.

I will stick to doing cardio by myself, though, I need my jams for running. I always have friends who claim to want a "gym buddy" and I always encourage this because sometimes it's good motivation to have someone to go with! My gym buddy and I used to go to the same, until he left to start working out of his garage,which is where we workout now. I really like having a workout buddy. He helps to motivates me when I'm not feeling it, helps keep the workouts fun, and is always showing me new exercises. Personally I can't workout alone because I find it boring and I start to miss days because there isn't anyone counting on me to work out with them.

I met my gym buddy when I was randomly browsing Kijiji. She presented herself as my age and as having a membership to the same gym as me. I ed her and the rest is history. We have been meeting four days a week for spin and lifting and it's great.

Female looking for gym buddy

We both have similar goals, so we work to motivate one another. I do a weekly class with my sister and a few other girls we know, which for me is a lot of fun, and makes the high intensity workout seem more manageable somehow. We are all at the same level of fitness which makes it easier, too.

Female looking for gym buddy

As for the gym I go with my BF, we play racquetball and swim together, but usually part ways in the weights and machine area. I also go on long hikes with my dog. He is my most enthusiastic workout partner! I'm envious of people that workout solo, and I"m trying to fit that into my routine.

Mornings, maybe? Ladies with gym buddy s : How did you guys meet and do you enjoy having a buddy or working out by yourself? Posted by 5 years ago. Sort by: best. Same here. They would ask me to teach them, and eventually a few stuck around and became my lifting buddies : Right now I'm on year 2-ish with the same buddy and it's been super.

Female looking for gym buddy

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Female looking for gym buddy

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