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This is the first version of the General Catalog. The final edition and the historical PDF will be published during the fall semester. This is a list of all gender, women's, and sexuality studies courses. For more information, see Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies. Small discussion class taught by a faculty member; topics chosen by instructor; may include outside activities e. Requirements: first- or second-semester standing. Introduction to feminist interdisciplinary study of women's lives, with emphasis on race, class, sexual orientation; work, family, culture, political and social change.

GE: Diversity and Inclusion. How the intersection of gender, race, class affects individual experience, national ideology, social institutions; interdisciplinary perspective. Introduction to principles and theories of social justice; students examine the history of influential social movements in the United States and the world in the last century; how intersectionality can create tensions between and among members of social movements; how race, class, gender, age, geography, and our bodies play a role in the application of theories of social justice.

Same as SJUS How resources, commodities, people, and ideas cross borders; examination of globalization through issues of technology, social justice, environment; perspectives from anthropology, gender studies, geography, energy science, and development. GE: International and Global Issues. Critical and historical introduction to representation of human sexuality in American popular culture from World War II to the present. GE: Values and Culture. Introduction to major Asian American women writers of 20th and 21st centuries; construction of gender within Asian American communities and diverse experiences of Asians in America; novels, short stories, memoirs, films, and historical and critical texts.

Cultural meanings of sport in contemporary U. Methods and history of contraception; issues of unwanted pregnancy and birth control in fiction, film, and media around the world. Taught in English. Role and status of women in society; sex differences, sex role socialization, theories about origin and maintenance of sexual inequalities, changes in social life cycle of women, implications for social institutions and processes; focus on contemporary United States.

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Same as SOC Same as WLLC Culture s : Replacing Coercion and Violence with Respect 3 s. Social construction of gender and gendered identities across a range of communicative settings in contemporary U. Same as COMM Introduction to feminist and queer theories of social space; material and symbolic construction of gender and sexuality; communicating gender and sexuality in different social spaces and scales in historical and contemporary contexts.

Jewish frameworks for grappling with justice and ethics from ancient world to present day; emphasis on internal diversity of Jewish experience as well as interactions with dominant and other minority cultures. Women in the Islamic community and in non-Muslim Middle Eastern cultures; early rise of Islam to modern times; references to women in the Qur'an and Sunnah, stories from Islamic history; women and gender issues.

Same as RELS Mediated representations of gender and sexuality television, film, and internet to understand how these complex and complicated codes influence meaning of sex, sexuality, and gender; contemporary and historical examples used to engage texts that illuminate cultural conceptions of femininity, masculinity, heterosexuality, and homosexuality; cases that confuse and trouble the stability of these.

Feminist analysis of girls' and women's sports experiences, including reproduction of gender through sport, recent changes in women's intercollegiate athletics, media representations of women's sport, feminist critiques, alternatives to sport. Same as SPST Recommendations: background in gender studies, and completion of rhetoric or at least one social sciences course. Same as GHS Classic anthropological theories of kinship and marriage, including topics such as cousin marriage and incest; recent work on new reproductive technologies and transnational marriage.

Same as ANTH Aspects of Indian culture, including nation, family, sexuality, work, and religion, through the lens of gender; Hindu India, differences in region, caste, and class. Study of the technology field as it relates to gender in global perspective; core topics may include gender and STEM fields, gender in technology workplaces, and gender in the de and use of technological products such as mobile technology, artificial intelligence, and video games.

Examination of social, economic, and cultural dimensions of global migration in the contemporary world from a transnational and anthropological perspective; primary focus is on Asian migration to the United States, but in comparison to other migration trajectories. Recommendations: an introductory course in cultural anthropology is useful, but not required. Exploration of the role of love and romance in the American experience; linking love and romance with American ideals—pursuit of happiness, upward mobility, and liberation of self, nation, and the world; history of romance as a popular genre in film, text, digital, and material culture; love as a social ritual in the context of the nation state, consumerism and gender, race and class; picket fences, free love, bromance, green cards, greeting cards, desperate housewives, break-ups, hook-ups, and happily ever after.

Same as AMST Survey of African American women's history from its beginnings through emancipation and Reconstruction; expansion of slavery in the South and its gendered implications, ways Black women influenced antebellum slave culture, female modes of resistance, abolition of slavery in the North, and ways Northern emancipation shaped Black women's experiences in the region; development of a free Black community and Black women's roles in these new social configurations; African American female body under slavery; impact of war and revolution on African American women's lives; Black women's experiences during Reconstruction.

Recent debates over legalizing gay marriage remind us that the law is not an abstract concept, it is a social creation that emphasizes certain cultural norms over others, both powerful and changeable; family law outlines what one cultural vision of relationships—those between lovers, parent and child, and between kin—supposedly should look like in a given society, a vision always marked by gendered, racial, and sexual divisions of power; students consider what happens when legal norms intersect with diverse ways that people make families through topics including marriage, divorce, custody, and surrogacy across the world.

Same as ENGL Reading of East Asian literature portraying women from the first millennium B. Recommendations: completion of all ESL courses.

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History of contemporary social movements in the U. Exploration of intersectionality—related to gender, immigration status, and more—and U. Literary and cinematic representations of gender in works by authors and directors from the Global South; development of historical and cultural lines of inquiry to examine artistic representations of love, sexuality, friendship, and parenting; shifts in gender identities and relations that result from social and political crises. Impact of male gender roles, masculine identity, and biology on men's health throughout the life course; focus on description, causes, and possible solutions for health related disparities for men in general and for men of color; concepts including machismo, caballerismo, John Henryism, Man Points, hegemonic, and other gender roles related to promoting and reducing quality of health and well-being of U.

History of birth control and work of activists and organizations that emerged to promote it; troubling connections that spawned between reproductive rights and population control movements. Survey of gender and sexuality issues in the social, political, and religious life of ancient Greece and Rome; evidence from literature, the visual arts, archaeology.

Same as CLSA Exploration of local, national, and global forces that shape food consumption, body image, and spiritual practices. How people live across and beyond social differentiation of sex and gender; how practices of identity building and political resistance transform or negotiate with social structures of gender, race, and class; burgeoning field of transgender studies which pushes to interrogate some fundamental aspects of human societies and question how supposedly "natural" of sex and gender are constructed and transformed; exploration of lives, politics, and subcultures of people who differ from gender norms in the United States and across the world; how transgender cultures and politics negotiate with structures of race and class.

Recommendations: background in gender studies or social sciences.

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Same as AFAM GWSS Practicum s. Experience in volunteer work for organizations that provide services for women. Prerequisites: GWSS Overview of queer theory and queer studies; development of critical thinking skills in relation to cultural constructions of gender, sexuality, race, and other identity.

Practice, definition, and regulation of sex in different cultures and times; use of anthropological tools, including cross-cultural comparison and social constructionist analysis; how social and historical forces shape sex; how a range of topics relate to sexuality, including science, love, work, globalization, ethnicity, health, aging, pornography, and deviance; focus on ways that dynamics i.

Debates over women's reproductive experience, including its medicalization. Anthropological understandings of love in India and the region of South Asia more broadly; emphasis on contemporary society; filial and motherly love, arranged marriage and romantic love, devotional and artistic expressions, love between siblings.

Examination of the historical relationship between Blacks and Jews from antebellum era to present. Examination of historical construction of gender and sexuality in East Asia from midth century to present. Anthropological perspectives on race: history of race in anthropology; social, cultural, and political dimensions of race; intersections with gender; biology of human diversity.

Recommendations: introductory course in social sciences. Writers who can frame questions, weigh competing perspectives, structure an argument, and write with clarity and respect for diverse audiences as powerful agents for change; writers who have inspired human rights movements; public forms of writing with local organizations whose missions are shaped by social attitudes to gender and sexuality; conducting research and evaluation of evidence; best practices for communicating and collaborating; skills needed to be an effective advocate.

Feminist analysis has revolutionized the writing of history—not only on gender and sexuality, but also on topics as diverse as politics, economics, international relations, and social hierarchies e. Same as HIST History of gender and sexuality as components in international human rights activism and law; current debates, representative topics. Reflection of students' place within educational systems; development of rhetorical tools for successful advocacy; advocation through writing for change within higher education and the UI; student loans, racial segregation, social and economic immobility, free speech, data insecurity, sexual assault.

Representations of gender, class, and sexuality in British, American, or postcolonial literature. Basic facts about structure and functioning of female body; particular attention to adjustments the body makes during normal physiological events menstruation, sexuality, reproduction, menopause and during illness processes; women's mental and physical health issues in relation to women's lives and roles in society; relationship of women as consumers, practitioners, and activists to health system; achievements and limitations of women's health movements; anti-oppression, intersectionalities, and cross-cultural perspectives.

Same as NURS Introduction to contemporary women's cinema and feminist filmmaking from around the world; emphasis on post period and cinema produced outside the United States. Students serve as editorial, writing, and production staff for Tellthe Department of Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies' digital magazine; Tell explores issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, ability, national identity, and other differences of power and privilege often absent in mainstream publications; students learn technical aspects of digital publication management, write their own stories and columns for the magazine and its ongoing blog, create digital and graphic materials, organize outreach events and manage social media outlets for the magazine, and work as editors and collaborative partners with one another and with writers and artists who submit work for publication.

Requirements: gender, women's, and sexuality studies or social justice major or advanced minor. Historical and contemporary theoretical approaches to the study of gender and sexuality; emphasis on interdisciplinary methods of analysis and interpretation. History Through the Civil War 3 s. Exploration of how women, as political actors, shaped the outcome of familiar events the American Revolution, the Civil War ; how they organized social movements around important issues of their lives such as the abolition of slavery and the right to consent to sexual intimacy; how women's inequality was established in law and social practice; how women thought about and challenged inequality, both as individuals and in social movements.

History Since the Civil War 3 s. Major events and themes in U. Treatment of motherhood; role of motherhood and devaluation of social status. Exploration of feminist perspectives from the United States and outside of the United States; how geopolitics shapes understanding of familiar feminist issues e. Examination of women's experiences of poverty in the U. How to capitalize on volunteer experience; how experience can lead to careers in health care, law, advocacy, social work, social justice, education; issues related to domestic violence, community education, sexual assault; health care for women, youth, and LGBTQ populations; health care inequities, social justice; field journal.

Recommendations: active volunteer work at feminist-centered organizations in Iowa, completion of hour training, plan to serve organization for up to ten or more hours each month, and attendance at regularly scheduled volunteer meetings. Advanced seminar and workshop; immersive readings in genre of contemporary autobiographical work, scholarship and criticism, and performance texts and videos as established artists have developed them; students write and perform their own original pieces stemming from personal experiences and interests.

Recommendations: RHET Same as THTR Overview of women's experiences with crime and criminal justice system, with reference to experiences of men for purposes of comparison; role of race, ethnicity, and poverty in women's experiences; causes of crime, inequalities in police-citizen interactions, imprisonment, and other aspects of criminal justice system experience. Same as CRIM Social and gender ideologies as inscribed in patterns of authority household, church, state ; ranges of human endeavor intellectual, psychological, biological ; community organization social, economic, legal, sexual ; their influence on concept of community.

Introduction to the interdisciplinary field of girls' studies; examination of social constructions of girlhood with focus on contemporary girls in the U. Examination of some distinctively American traditions of religion, spirituality, and social justice, including women and men who have channeled their religio-spiritual beliefs into social justice in their communities; historical and anthropological focus; examination of U. Issues related specifically to gender, women's, and sexuality studies through the arts; themes include broad social issues such as violence, sexual assault, incarceration, reproduction, immigration, and labor; students explore a theme and work with community partners to address the theme through social practice in the arts.

Recommendations: prior courses in gender, women's, and sexuality studies, or courses in social work, art education, or studio arts. Role of narrative in health care practice, decisions, and ethics; narrative production of patient and professional selves in health care; varied practices, diverse perspectives, and situated production of medical and health care knowledge.

Prerequisites: RHET Investigation of the relationship between freedom, democracy, and revolution in American history; beginning with primary founding documents that grew out of the American Revolution, students explore the ideological and concrete expressions of these ideas, particularly as they affect race and gender; meaning, ificance, and boundaries of revolution; space between slavery and freedom; considerations of women's inclusion in the body politic; relationship between political and economic democracy; and questions about whose voices should define the terms of the debate.

Engaging with and deconstructing the stories men and women tell about what it means to be a man in the 21st century; topics may include cultural differences in the construction of gender and masculinity, queer masculinity, masculinity and social justice movements especially feminismhistory of the present moment in masculinity, masculinity from a nonbinary perspective, literary representations of masculinity, and masculinity in mass culture.

Exploration of when, why, how, and with whom Americans bear children; comparison to other developed and developing countries in the world; infertility and its treatments; ethics of surrogacy; voluntary childlessness; rapid rise of nonmarital childbearing in the U. Opportunity to plan and begin work on capstone senior research projects in gender, women's, and sexuality studies and social justice; capstone project builds on coursework, knowledge, and academic skills; activism and engagement in the community; personal experiences and interests; topics include how to choose a subject area and focus, develop key questions, define a problem, find and use sources, evaluate arguments, identify research archives, employ different methodologies and forms of writing, and link research to creative work.

Work under supervision of a faculty member on a scholarly or creative project related to the department or campus, or work with the director of undergraduate studies as a media, digital publishing, or teaching intern; students receive credit for the internship depending on the of hours they work, learning objectives they develop, and meetings, written reports, and other research-related or self-evaluative writing they contract to do with the supervising faculty member. Requirements: gender, women's, and sexuality studies or social justice major or minor.

Analysis and discussion of ificant essays that have engaged and articulated sexuality and gender in contemporary societies; students write and workshop on these topics: bodies are battlegrounds, gender is convoluted, sex is serious; gender and sexuality are emotionally charged, politically volatile, and socially complex issues. Recommendations: major or minor in writing-intensive disciplines, or writing classes.

Survey of 20th- and 21st-century French women's literature; introduction to French feminist thought; optional discussion section taught in French.

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Requirements: for 4 s. Same as FREN De and development of individual creative or scholarly projects in the field of gender, women's and sexuality studies; emphasis on strengthening students' research and writing skills; synthesizing, extending, and applying work already completed in the major.

Requirements: two women's studies courses ed above GWSS How female gender intersects with culture, environment, and political economy to shape health and illness; reproductive health, violence, drug use, cancer; readings in anthropology, public health. Exploration of multiple, varied, and complex histories of U. American culture.

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