Kind generous is that you

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Kind generous is that you

To someone, it may be better than you dare to think. Generosity makes our world a better place. It improves the life of the receiver. And it improves the life of the giver. Yet, despite the benefits, generosity is still too rare in our world today. Instead, our society craves and pursues more at every turn. We seek enjoyment by directing most of our resources towards our own pursuits: security, possessions, experiences, enjoyment, and luxury. Meanwhile, ificant opportunities for generosity surround us every day at every turn.

In order to unconform our thinking in a consumer-driven world and begin taking greater advantage of the abundant benefits of generosity, we need to shift our worldview. It assumes there is a finite sized pie and if someone else enjoys success, my opportunity shrinks. But quite frankly, this thinking is incorrect. The pie of resources is not finite. Studies confirm what generous people already know: Giving increases happiness, fulfillment, and purpose in the life of the giver.

We were not deed to be creatures of selfishness. Instead, we were deed to seek and discover happiness in loving and caring for others. And those who decide to look for fulfillment there, quickly discover it. The easiest path to finding success in your life is to help someone else find theirs.

After all, our contribution to this world has to be measured by something more ificant than the size of our savings. Our lives are going to find their greatest ificance in how we choose to live them—and how we enable others to live theirs. But perfection does not slow them. To them, changing even one life within their sphere of influence is reward enough. And is a worthy endeavor to be sought. Generosity always requires trust.

Kind generous is that you

To invest individual resources into another person, we must believe, on some level, that they will use them wisely. Generous people are optimistic. And optimistic people are happy people because they choose to live in a world where belief in others is liberally employed. Our money is only as valuable as what we choose to spend it on. Generous people use their excess to bring big dreams into reality. Our financial resources can be used to improve the quality of life for others. They can be used to make our communities safer, smarter, and more responsible.

They can be used to make this world a little more pleasant for everyone. Indeed, generous people dream big dreams for their money… and so should we. We have so much more to offer this world than just financial resources. We have time, talents, experiences, and lessons learned. Giving people think beyond their money and begin to invest their lives into others. Often times, this step can be more difficult than ing a check… but usually, it is more desperately needed. Life is short. And we only get one shot at it.

Those who fully embrace this reality learn to live life in light of it. They recognize we have but a short time to leave our imprint on this world. And they cheerfully give their resources to accomplish it. By definition, true generosity requires a level of contentment.

It recognizes the reality that giving our resources to another person means we have less for ourselves. In this way, contentment forms the foundation for generosity. But in response, surprisingly enough, generosity also becomes the fuel for greater contentment. Our world is desperately seeking cheerful and generous givers. They improve society. They inspire us. They push us forward.

And their view of the world is one I desire to further grow in my own life. Image: Chris Yarzab. His new book, Things That Matterwill be published in April. Follow on Twitter Like on Facebook. Righteous giving generously,they are always prosperous and increasing. Please coming forward to support us. I feel that this really is some thing thats often pushed aside in my opinion. Love your posts and philosophy including, generally speaking, this one. Just one question. How can 1 and 9 both be true? Giving prospers the society, mind bearing that you are also given by someone that makes you to give.

Is there any generous man or woman who can help me. This morning I was thinking about creating a society of generosity. There would be no money. They would encourage others to do the same. Those who could not work would want to be generous in some of the ways mentioned above — life lessons, a smile, etc. I think people would work hard, and would be grateful for the gifts they received from others. No one would have to give, and anyone could turn away any gift.

I wish I could find a group of people who would want to do this. If anyone has any ideas about how I can accomplish that, I would love to know. It has been tried many times, most have been unsuccessful. Perhaps the most successful are the Amish in America. Best of luck in your journey for fulfillment. Both groups are fantastic to connect people and share resources. Be a missionary in a third world country.

You will get a chance to do all the things you mentioned. You will find people who appreciate everything you can offer.

Kind generous is that you

At this moment I am going away to do my breakfast, once having my breakfast coming again to read additional news. I am inclined more to 4, 6 and 9. Thank you for this post. Very renewing to be more generous and helpful. I received a great piece of advice from my lawyer, when doing my will.

And they could use the help now. Hi, I asked for help from anyone you to set aside any money that you can, for me and my family to pay hutang2 moneylenders, and I thank you it is my no reg bank mandiri an sulistyono thx for you donation. If you are generous to your enemies you see dust. Be careful who you shower your precious generosity. Good job! But do you know that many out there are willing to be generous but the confrontation before them a times are making this dream a reality? What is the way out? Your grandmother is quoting something from Khalil Gibran s take on generosity.

As a father to a three-year-old son, I would give my life for him or to give him the last biscuit on the plate. But generosity is doing something more than that which is to make it apply to the extended family and to my neighbor, my village and beyond.

Kind generous is that you

I started following your blog about 18 months ago and as silly as it sounds, it truly has helped shape a way of thinking that truly benefits me, my family, and society around me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, taking the time to put them together. I gave always to others what I had. Now I need so much but I can not ask the others. I have never thought only abut me.

Now I need to thing only about me. But through the internet I dare ask people maybe somebody can help me.

Kind generous is that you

I want to begin a work but it need money and i have nothing. I can give it back after a year. WOW, nice article! Am called Edgar and live in a small East African country called Uganda. Our country is not economically prosperous like the western nations, but my country-mates seem a lot happier than the European and American people.

People back here, most especially the poor, are always willing to share the little the have with others. They live happy fulfilled lives. I guess we can all learn from that. To share is to love!

Kind generous is that you

Great stuff! I sometimes fantasize about getting rid of all my objects, living out of a rucksack and becoming a beggar. Over Funny I start to feel all happy inside when I give away something to someone or give to a person in need then I think I have plenty left for my family and myself how much better it would be to give my last penny, my last piece of food to someone.

Im all for the leftie idea of giving for givings sake. I grew up with a very judgmental attitude towards people who asked for money. I chose to doubt whether they really needed it and accepted a belief that they probably found it easier to beg than work, or that I might be only contributing to their need for drugs or booze.

Kind generous is that you

Somewhere along the way, I came to realize that what happens to my financial donation to a person on the street is NOT what is important.

Kind generous is that you

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