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It was about 8pm on a cool spring evening when the white police van shuddered to a halt alongside Nosipho Vidima. She was at her usual post in the tree-lined street in Morningside, Durban. She recognised the police officer. At least once a week he would drive past her corner and make smug remarks. Who do you think you are? Vidima, 28 at the time, was an opinionated woman. She knew her legal rights better than most of her colleagues because she was a part-time law student. She was practising an illegal profession in the city that research shows has one of the highest concentrations of sex workers in South Africa.

It was sticky hot and filthy inside the van. Vidima wondered if she would be kept in a holding cell at the CR Swart Square police station in town, like so many times before. But as the vehicle snaked through the streets she saw the officer was driving towards the Burman Bush Nature Reserve, a park in Morningside. He stopped at an isolated area, unlocked the back and instructed Vidima to get in at the passenger side. Vidima took out a condom, but the officer refused to put it on. The summer sun hangs low in the pale blue sky. The buying and selling of sex, as well as the operation of brothels, is legal in the Netherlands.

I really like the connection. Because sex work is legal in the country, Wilson could obtain a visa on the basis that she planned to open a sex work consultancy in Amsterdam. Her visa allows her spouse to work as well. Wilson started sex work when she was All aspects of sex work — the buying and selling of sex, as well as making a living by means of sex work by being a pimp or operating a brothel — are illegal in South Africa. The unfenced grounds, from where sex workers have been selling their services for years, has a reputation for being a dangerous place.

Operating in this kind of setting is common for sex workers in countries where the profession is criminalised. Numerous studies have shown that sex workers who trade in countries where such transactions are illegal, experience considerably more physical and sexual violence from clients than in states where sex work is either legalised or fully decriminalised, as regulation helps to create safer work environments. Female sex workers in the US are, for instance, 18 times more likely to be murdered than non-sex workers, a study in the American Journal of Epidemiologyrevealed.

About half of the workers in these cities had experienced physical violence. But sex workers were also adamant that their rapists were frequently the police themselves. One in three of the 57 sex workers surveyed reported they had been raped by policemen, and more than half said police officers had demanded bribes from them in exchange for escaping arrest or abuse. If you say no to a police officer asking for sexual favours, he threatens you. It turns the sexual favours to abuse and rape straight away.

From interviews with a further 61 sex workers, the Sonke and Sweat researchers documented horrific examples of police forcing the women to have sex with animals, compelling them to eat used condoms and refusing to assist them after they had reported abuse at the hands of clients. But they say the officers refused to take their statements. Bhekisisa asked Gauteng police spokesperson Lungelo Dlamini whether a murder docket had been opened for Koketso and whether the police took potentially relevant statements from her colleagues.

My Red Light is a window brothel — sex workers recruit clients who pass by from behind cubicles with glass doors. If a customer becomes abusive, a worker can press one of the panic buttons that are a feature in every room. Brothel owners in the Netherlands have to comply with stringent government rules. Window brothels, for instance, require operational s, can only do business in deated areas and must close between 6am and 8am.

Even though sex workers in these brothels work for themselves, and not for the owners of the buildings, the proprietors are not permitted to rent out rooms to anyone younger than 21, which is the legal age for sex work in Amsterdam. They also have to confirm that workers have permission to work in the country and are registered with the chamber of commerce for tax purposes. Across the street, next to the canal, a man in his late forties hovers in the thin mist. A thick wedding band constricts his ring finger. The man rubs one of his arms and scouts around nervously.

Then he uses a small cloth to wipe his gold-framed glasses, hitches up his bermuda shorts and strides across the lane.

Ladies seeking sex Marble Colorado

I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. The document left sex workers, concerned scientists and human rights activists fuming. Their outrage was sparked by the omission of what they, as well as international health bodies such as Unaids and the World Health Organisationconsider to be a crucial component for HIV prevention among sex workers: the decriminalisation of their means of income. It was the first such five-year plan to exclude arguments advocating for decriminalisation.

The strategy, coordinated by Sanac but over which cabinet holds final approval, contrasted with the national HIV sex worker plan — also launched by Sanac — which strongly endorsed decriminalisation. Female sex workers, particularly those operating in countries where sex work is illegal, are ificantly more likely to be infected with HIV than other women.

Decriminalising sex work — the removal of all laws against consensual adult sex work — scientists argue, will slow the epidemic among workers and their clients dramatically. Activists say decriminalisation was a prominent feature in the draft of the — HIV plan that they provided input for.

But, somewhere between that version and the one Cabinet approvedthe concept inexplicably disappeared from the document. Health experts maintain that a mix of morals, politics and conservatism have trumped evidence. To the chagrin of civil society, the commission also recommended that sex work should continue to be fully criminalised. As a second option, it proposed a widely criticised model, the partial decriminalisation of sex work, under which it would no longer be a crime to sell sex but it would be an offence to buy it.

Also known as the end-demand or Nordic model, partial decriminalisation has been shown to increase violence towards sex workers and decrease access to health services — two crucial elements that determine how fast HIV spre. Tlaleng Mofokeng is a reproductive health doctor in Johannesburg and also the deputy chairperson of the advocacy group, the Sexual and Reproductive Coalition of South Africa.

She believes sex work should not be criminalised. Mia Malan spoke by phone to Mofokeng. Sex workers must be protected. In another twist in July, the same month that fresh evidence of the harmful effects of partial decriminalisation on the safety of sex workers in France and Canada was released at the International Conference on Aids in Amsterdam, the National Council of Provinces NCOPunanimously voted in favour of this model and adopted a resolution in support of it.

An NCOP committee has also visited Sweden — the country that pioneered partial decriminalisation — to research the model. Partial decriminalisation deprives them of those rights. The brothel, which has 14 windows spread across four buildings, and also an online booking system, opened in May My Red Light also provides clean sheets and towels for sessions with clients.

You want to focus on the quality of the food and the health and safety thereof. It also employs counsellors and social workers who help them to report abuse or exploitation, and provides English and Dutch language classes, self defence lessons and assistance with tax registration. Bacterial sexually transmitted infections can make it easier to contract HIV, or, put differently, increase the efficiency of HIV transmission.

It is therefore important to treat these as part of HIV prevention. Like most of her colleagues she uses an Excel spreheet and also employs a bookkeeper. The night shift workers clock in at 8pm, to work until 6am the next morning. With decriminalisation — for instance, in New Zealand and parts of Australia — sex workers are more empowered to make decisions about the way in which they would like to work.

But even when sex work is legalised, particularly when all aspects — the buying, selling and procurement — are legal, the researchers of a study in The Lancet HIV found ificantly lower HIV infection rates among sex workers than in countries where the profession is criminalised.

Ladies seeking sex Marble Colorado

These factors might explain the low HIV prevalence of 0. In South Africa, where the government supports 25 NGO clinics that provide services to sex workers, but within a criminalised environment, a radically different scenario is playing out. The sex worker plan stipulates that, between andthe health department had to have distributed On the glass door of the Prostitution Information Centre in Amsterdam, beneath a heart-shaped cushion hanging on a string, a poster with a red umbrella looms.

It provides its members with free legal services and workshops. Karin, who prefers to keep her surname private, is a sex worker of a different kind: she specialises in providing services to physically and mentally disabled people. Karin contacted an agency that focuses on the sexual needs of disabled clients and two days later she had her first job.

Ladies seeking sex Marble Colorado

Sex work is remuneration for sexual pleasure given by consenting adults. Karin gets paid by the hour and travels to her clients. As the van disappeared into the late night traffic, Vidima walked into the garage shop and bought a box of Stuyvesant Reds cigarettes.

The risk of contracting HIV from anal sex is about 18 times greater than with vaginal sex, research in the International Journal of Epidemiology shows. Vidima wanted to cry. But then she thought of her seven-year-old son, who lived with his grandmother, and his unpaid school fees.

This article was amended on 28 October She gave consent for us to use her name and pictures in Julybut withdrew consent in October after she had made changes to her life. Have something to say? Mia Malan is Bhekisisa's editor-in-chief and executive director.

Malan has won more than 20 African journalism awards for her work and is a former fellow of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford University. Home About Us What is Bhekisisa? in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. Home Article Elsa and Nosipho: They both sell sex for a living, but in The operation of brothels became legal in the Netherlands in Koen van Weel, Reuters.

Ladies seeking sex Marble Colorado

A study revealed that one in three sex workers surveyed reported that they have been raped by the police. David Harrison. A study estimates that the decriminalisation of sex work could avert up to half of HIV infections among sex workers and their clients over the decade. Mia Malan. Abused from the womb. Doctors use a torch to do operations. Ebony and ivory toyi-toyi in harmony. Nehawu lashes SA Medical Association. COVID crash course: A walkthrough of everything you need to know about viruses, variants and vaccines.

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Ladies seeking sex Marble Colorado

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Ladies seeking sex Marble Colorado

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