Looking for my soul man

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Everything about our lives and society takes us away from our truths and the deepest parts of ourselves — our souls. In a post, I explained how Soul hunger was a silent epidemic in the 21 st century. Our souls are hungry and need to be fed in order to flourish and thrive.

Many of us are feeling the inner urge to shed outdated ideas about what it means to be a successful person and what we need in order to be happy. It is an exciting time of transformation in the consciousness of many.

We are transforming into a way of being that aligns with our souls and the realization that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Without a roadmap, however, many find ourselves feeling lost and confused navigating the inner terrain of the soul. When we listen to this call, we move in the direction of thriving. Learning to understand the language of the soul and integrating its messages into our lives is challenging for many of us. Adding to this challenge is the awareness that understanding the awakening soul and what it needs is different than fixing a psychological problem.

There is nothing dysfunctional or abnormal that needs to be diagnosed or treated. Listening and making the necessary changes in your life, in spite of the fear that will inevitably surface, will lead you down a path towards a life of greater alignment, inner peace and fulfillment. Thank you so much for this excellent article Bev! I have noticed all of this happening in myself and women around me. Donna, thank you for your thoughtful comment. It truly is a beautiful path, although I have to admit that when I started on this path it was quite confusing to me.

I feel I am on a journey to reconnect with my soul. I would really appreciate some advice on how to do this as I have no-one on this level to talk to about this. Thank you. Hi Sue! Thanks so much for leaving a comment! Something is going on with me and it has a resemblance of all this beautiful information, what do I do. Hi there! In response to your question, What do I do? Hi bev thank you for this. Right now i can feel my soul. It feels so weird like i can feel it separating from my body? Also my heart feels heavy. Love, Bev. Or perhaps, as I shared in my posts about soul hunger and our souls speaking to us, my soul was looking to be fed and no amount of material stuff was going to alleviate that […].

EYE See You! Sis, your words are gifting a lot of souls, such as mine, with the essence which lets us know we are not alone in this spiritual labyrinth of chaos and beauty. Thank you for being the light. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing that and for your thoughtful comment. It means a lot to me to hear from others on the journey reminding me that we are all connected! Much love, Bev. Hamal: The awakening is awakened to who you are not.

First, there would be confusion then layer by layer, the illusion came off as the old belief dissolved one by one. Everyone has a unique path to self-realization. Cheers to your unleaning. Hi Hamal- thanks so much for sharing that this post resonates with you as well! You are definitely not alone! Hi thank you for sharing such a beautiful process of speaking with self soul. Very informatic and useful tips Thanks.

This is like i am seeking something. Hope one day i will able to find. Samreen, thanks for sharing your insights with us! Yes, the journey to connect with inner peace is often challenging. In my experience, when we create the environment inside of us that invites healing and connection, the inner peace finds us. I hope some blogs on this site support you on this journey and that inner peace finds you. After reading this, I can say that my soul is not taking to me at this time,because in lockdown, I usually spend time with me.

But it used to happen with me. Thanku for this beautiful article. What a gift! Thank you for sharing that! Hello Bev! Thank you so much for speaking out!

Looking for my soul man

I Plan on going to the drawing board. My mom passed away in December. She was my go to for everything. I have a tough time trusting. So why not be all of me?! A work in progress!! I have to be ok with the unknown which is very very tough for me. I have a novel to type out but thats it for now! I would love and appreciate some guidance or helpful ways to continue to move forward In a positive light!

Thank you for taking the time to read my novel! Hi Courtleigh! I can really resonate with a great deal of what you have shared. Much love on your journey! Self awakening. A lot of confusion. Various wish cannot be fulfilled in one life time. Thank you, i have been on this same path for two years. Loving the process. Nice article and stay blessed. Hi John, thanks for your comment. Morning 8am I was in a deep think today,and i literally felt my soul talking to me,i got shocked as if someone was calling me…. Wow, what a beautiful you received.

Thank you for sharing that!! I just wanted to leave the place where I am at now. Thank you for sharing the ways in which your soul is seeking expression through you.

Looking for my soul man

What we often find, though is that following the inner call and messages has practical implications such as what you highlighted about moving to a new place. For this reason, listening to our inner guidance poses challenges. Much love for your journey! Hello Prasuna. I saw your comment. Bev janisch gave you excellent reply. My condition and my situation also same. I moved to different places where our hard work and our talent recognise but everywhere same situation I faced. Hi Bev, Thank you for this beautiful post.

Everything you said resonates with me. It has been almost two years now, the soul keeps crying and wanting God. Everything else seems meaningless.

Looking for my soul man

How do you suggest dealing with this? It seems that there is a deeper purpose of life, or somehow the direction of life needs to change but not sure how. Quitting the job does not seem to be a rational decision…. My life before this awakening was very peaceful and content…. Even though the mind does understand that this is supposed to turn into a beautiful journey… but the yearning is only making it painful.

How to hear the voice of the soul and connect to the inner self? Hi Mai- Thank you so very much for sharing so beautifully with us. I hear how this process has left you in a place that is difficult to be. If you need support and guidance to connect with your inner voice, please reach out through my personal : bev bevjanisch. Much love to you, Bev. Hi Bev, This really resonates with me I have this strange calling almost mystical sense and I have not been able to put my finger on it.

Looking for my soul man

Hi Rosi! Yes, it is often difficult to tap into what this inner calling is all about. Thankyou for taking the time to write such a beautiful artical it brings me inner peace.

Looking for my soul man

I would love to. Hi Laura- thank you so very much for your heartfelt comment. Knowing that it brought you some inner peace, warms my heart! Wow how true, i am so happy inside to know that what you have written about the souls, I have always known something is not quit right, it does feel like everything just about you have talked about is what is going on with me I have been told on a few occasions that i am here from a past life and that the man who follows me is indebted to me for saving his life in the past,i have seen him and can describe him so well but i get scared because i know there is more to this life and i do feel that someone close to me is doing me wrong and they are evil its like the dark side and its a bit scary,just had to share this as i do really want to tap more into my soul as i know there are so many beautiful things in this world to see and feel and after reading this i felt so connected to what you have said and it is amazing.

Hi Robyn- Thanks for sharing! I met a man about the same time this all started happening to me. We are connected. We both know this. And I found this. Ignorance was bliss. I want it back. Hi Jennifer! Much love to you! Great read! Staying in tune with urself, your soul, your authentic self is hard work as many women have many roles to fill.

Once lost and not practiced daily its so hard to find your way back. I have always felt calm inside and in control of feelings, tho after many years of mothering and working paid employment its taken a while to reawaken my inner joys. What makes me thrive! Its a true enjoyment to be true to myself!

Thanks so much for this article and the support your words provide!

Looking for my soul man

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