Looking for regular meeting

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Are you looking for the best examples and templates of well-organized, effective meeting agendas? The more prepared you are for your next meeting, the better the meeting is going to go. Meetings with agendas tend to finish earlier than meetings without them. Our research found that agenda usage was a meeting practice that correlates with being happier and more productive overall.

Looking for regular meeting

We'll start with some general tips for better agendas, but you can also skip immediately to the templates below. Meetings are one of your larger expenses, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars of people's time and focus. No matter how you organize your meeting agendas and notes, you can use these examples. What matters most, though, is that you have a meeting agenda at all.

Across many different types of meetings — whether they are staff meetings, committee meetings, project check-ins, board meetings, or sales calls — there are common items you will see listed on agendas over and over. You might think of these as the building blocks for your agenda. Instead, try sharing information beforehand, like in a Google Doc, slide deck, or even a Loom video. Save your precious meeting time for activities that involve everyone, like discussions. None of these basic agenda items are helpful without being applied specifically to your meeting.

That is where seeing meeting agenda examples across a variety of topics will help you write your own agendas. Below are sample meeting agendas. Downloading the template will give you a blank version. These agenda templates also come standard in your free Hugo. Just remember, however you decide to download these meeting agenda templates, put them to use. A meeting agenda is only going to lead to a better meeting if you use it. The best agenda for a meeting is often a simple one.

A simple agenda answers two questions for all attendees:. Don't write : Pricing roll-out. Instead write : Coordinate pricing roll-out. Don't write : hiring Instead write : Determine budget and timeframe for hiring. Instead of including paragraphs of information in your meeting agenda, use bullet points to list out any areas of discussion or updates that need to be taken separately. Goal Discuss agency performance and decide whether to renew for another year.

Agenda Review agency performance to date and compare against benchmarks Discussion: Does missing benchmarks warrant a change? Is it worth the costs? Decision: Should we renew with them for another year.

Looking for regular meeting

Outside of meetings, you also have healthy team communication habits. Because you meet more with your team than anyone, small improvements in your meetings can result in big gains. One of the best ways to introduce those improvements is via the meeting agenda. We talked about this above, but a common mistake on meeting agendas is not explaining why the meeting exists.

We might have good meeting habits with customers and partners, but we can get lax when with our own team meetings. Every meeting should have a clear goal so that everyone who shows up knows why they showed up. Turns out, people appreciate knowing why somebody invited them to a meeting! Here's a short video covering the dos and don'ts of stating your meeting's purpose.

The sample agenda is for a general team meeting. Often these kinds of team meetings are recurring meetings that happen once a week.

Looking for regular meeting

This flexible agenda template leaves room for team members to add their own agenda items to the list. Notice something about the same agenda here though: Updates are limited to two minutes per person. Keep the updates short.

If someone at the meeting needs more detail, they can ask when the meeting is over. If anyone else has any questions about something relating to one of the other teams, now is your chance to ask. Leadership teams should meet on a regular basis in a meeting where the biggest issues impacting a team or company are brought to the surface. This is less formal than a board meeting, but still highly strategic.

Before the meeting, select a project or area of the business to do a deep dive into. Have someone give a presentation on that area. For more formal meetings that follow the traditional structure, make sure to use a more formal template. This agenda template helps you organize the meeting, run it according to the proper procedures, as well as prepare meeting minutes in the process.

If you need additional guidance, see the best way to take meeting minutes. A [meeting type] meeting of [organization name] was held on [date] at [location]. A motion to approve the minutes of the [date] meeting was made by [name] and seconded by [name]. Before you skip down to the board meeting template below, take heed to some important advice.

Looking for regular meeting

If this article has inspired you to set a solid agenda for your next meeting, you can use Hugo send and share your agenda, and auto-organize your meeting notes afterward. After a super-quick setup, Hugo pulls in your meetings into a calendar-like view. Find the meeting you want to set an agenda for. The template content will appear in your agenda. Fill in the text with more information. Or, to share by hand, click the Share button. Toggle the public link on. The link will automatically be copied to your clipboard. This link takes people to a clean, professional, branded that shows your agenda.

Be sure to get a head start. Grab whatever templates you might need from our free agenda template library. This template library has all sorts of meeting agenda samples including templates for product team meetingsmarketingsales conversationsone-on-onesand customer meetings too. And if you want to learn how to run your meeting effectively, read this article on the ingredients of an effective meeting strategy.

Learn how your meetings compare to other companies in your industry. Once you have customized your sample agenda to your liking, you may want to share the document.

Looking for regular meeting

While a link is the most pragmatic way to share an agenda—it allows you to edit your meeting agenda after the fact—sometimes you need a PDF because you either want to print the agenda or attach it as a file in some way. Usually, this takes two to five bullet points under each agenda topic that summarizes key points and decisions. Remember, meeting minutes should not be a verbatim ing of everything that happened. They should highlight key information, decisions, and next steps.

I strongly discourage you from using Excel to organize your meetings. If you need a chart or table in your meeting agenda, paste it into a regular doc or link to it. Use small talk to grab attention. I used to work with a sales leader who would start every meeting with a couple of minutes of small talk.

His favorite topic was sports. Jump straight into the agenda. When it's time for the meeting to start, go for it. You might say something like, "Okay everyone.

Looking for regular meeting

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6 Sample Meeting Agenda Examples [and 80+ Templates]