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Presort—Mr H. Th" Master! Th" relief administered daring past fortnight was aa ft-ito c, :-A,erys, w yth district, p r Mr T. The amount in the vank was sh-wn to be. Mt Isase Morgan seconded the proposition, which was unanimously agreed to. Mr Morns Davies said he should like to refer to a pritate. At the t«-t board meeting, a guardian said, 'I d ny in Mo that I called the vice-ehair- anau any namis;" but he found from a report in the lpaper-i that on Tuesday, the 27th December, at a meeting when he was no present, Mr John James was reported to have said that he knew little about it alluding m the wall around the workhouse exet'p' apt-tiling abont tbt- matter at different meet- ings.

Mr James was absent he played with the matter like a toy, which showed a want of manliness on his Mr Duvies's part" Now, as chairman of the finance committee he objected to this charge and the wxht of manliness, which was a polite way of charging him with cowardice, and of bringing n atters connected with the board for- ward to suit biOI "wo purposes, when acut as he liked. Mr John James I don't think I am out of order in denying that I did at use the words "coward"or "car.

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Mr Morris Da vis said he would retract every word he had said in reference to that matter. Mr Davies said that he should certainly accept ,Afr Jam,-a'stateinent bat be had been charged with a want of manliness, and he should state what he did know about this matter.

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He hoped to do ao without the slightest bins; but there were a great many ratepayers in the town and country who did not know what the matter in dispute was. They then thought it necessary to make a division Jtetween their own property and the field which Mr James bad ree-pntly bought. Then came the question of expense of huild. The wall was finished on the 27th December.

He Mr Davies did nothing further for a wholo twelve months, and on the 27th December,he brought the matter forward. On January 6th,Mr Haghes wrote a second letter, asking Mr jamt-o to pay the money. He waited for a consi- derable time aher that, expecting to bear from Mr Jaoies, and he then asked Mr Hughes at a meeting if he had heard.

He promised that he would, but he had heard nothing further. He afterwards attended a meeting of the hous- commits, and if Mr James had never called him any names at a board meeting, he did on that day. The board hail paid no less than 80s inter. That was his sole reason for bringing the maner beforB the bo"rrl that day. But he aid not notice, end was therefore not justi- fied in thie matter forward.

As Mr Davies bad related the history of the matter, they must allow him to relste his own version as well. An arrangement had been entered into to give and take, and alPO to build a sort of a wall. The Chairman said on one occasion, in a half jocular way, that perhaps Mr James would uot mind bearing the ex- pense of a portion of the wall; and be guarded himself, and said that perhaps he would, but be did not say that he would do 80 far aa the culvert.

The wall was put up, and the following year he was not member of the board; time weal OD, wd he heard j nothing of it uetil the latter end of last year, whfa he received an application for payment. The par- tiualars 01 claim were not de! The wall was measured in his absence.

Not a word was said to him until he had a threatening letter from thp. Mr Davies I will do so, if you like. I don't F want to keep anything back. Mr James, continuing, said that be had attended the house committee and the guardians, b. It was then re- ferred to the house committee, which met one Satur- day aftfrnoon. The vice-ohairman made certain assertions which he Mr James certainly disputed Mr Davies then snapped his fingers, and as he re- petited it several times, his temper was disturbed a little Mr Davies said that he d d not care for him.

At that time be Mr James had really said nothing; but ultimately he did say that he did not care tor Mr Davies, and asked him who he thought he was.

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He denied in toto having called Mr Davies any names and he did not think be was to blamx in any way in the matter If the guardians would huve sent to say that ttiey were going to measure the wall, he should have agreed to what wa- lair and reasonable. But he was not going to be ridden and driven to do what thf vice-chairman thought pro- per. If the vice-chairman thought he was a man of that sort he was mistaken. The whole of the nail was built on the property of the union, and he thought be oug.

Some few days aftfrwardtt the clerk to the guardians called upon him for this deed, and he told him that it wis with Mr Griffith Jones to be stamped.

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He the clerk got the deed from Mr Jones, and he had never been able to get that deed afterwards. Hi, was ex- ceedingly sorry that this matter should have drifted into a personal affair, and it m rf! The conversation took place out in the road, and there was no opportunity of making a minute. The matter was all-owed to drift on for some time, and it was due in a great measure to the fact that Mr James had not received the particulars of claim. Mr David Williams, acting as architect, measured the wall, and it was only proper that eome one should have been called on Mr James' side He had never heard until lately that Mr James objected to this payment.

The matter then came on two or three occasions in connection with other bills, and a good deal of feeling had been imported into it, which it would have been a good deal better if it could have been avoided. They had heard the explanations given by the Vice- chairman and Mr James, and be did not think they could do better ttrm refer the matter to some one person or to two or three, if Mr James would con- sent to do so, so as to have an end of it.

He had hoped that Mr James would have made an off or; but be now suggested that it should be referred to some independent person, who would hear what both sides had to say, and decide what he had to pay. Mr John James said he only made a kind of halt- promise to pay for as far as the brook went. It had been built up and pulled down again two or three times.

He did not make any allowance for negligence, and should not pay for its being buitt a second or third time. Mr John Jenkins did not think that was in Mr James's bill. The Chairman said be was charged for 81 yards of walling; at 3s 9d per yard, he was not charged for the culvert or any accident.

Mr John Jenkins suggested that they should leave the matter to Mr Divid Williams; he was pre- sent when the conversation took place. Mr David Rees said the best plan was to refer the matter to the house committee and Mr James. Mr Isaac Morgan thought the best plan would he to refer it to the committee that waa appointed at that time, and Mr James.

They would go smoothly into the matter, and the board would never hear of it again. The Chairman said they did not agree as to the facts. Mr John Jamea aaid he would never consent to any measurement acroas the old drain. Mr John Jonee Mr James, would you have any objection to name a party to hear it, and let these peeple be called as witnesses.

Mr John Jamea said if they referred it to the house committee, and had Mr David William pre- sent, if they wo-re fair they would not find bim un- fair. There were two ways of settling it, and be would only aettle it one way laughter. He was not legally responsible for one penny and he was not going to be driven into it by anybody. It was than decided to leave the matter to the house committee.

An adjourned meeting of this board wai held at the workhouse on Monday. The Inspector reported as follows -For the four week-ended 13th January, I have the satisfaction to inform you that the Pentrepark works for im- proved water supply have been completed, and the new supply turned "n on the 10th February. The quantity of water yielded by the spring on the 8th February was at the rate of 2, gallons in 24 hours. The water Of art he Chancery school is not always available for the scholars and villagers, because the spout pipe i" broken.

The water comes from a system of drains in the Ffosrhydgaled lawn, and for a few yards before entering tb" spout it flows uncovered. This part certainly ought to be piped, and a strong is required on the road-side. Aune lireeae, Taliesin, applies for licence to keep a com- mon lodging house.

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The opinion of the committee Ij. I may add that the, unigItOce is continually getting worse. As to the alleged nuisance near Nantceiro, I take the present occasion to inform the Board that there is end that there has been no actual nuinauee here for months owibg probably to the state of the weather. This report is made because the Chair. Since the last meeting the case hall been described in print as an abominable nuis- ance.

The fol- lowipg is the letter refsrr dj to" 4th August, Dear Sir,—Last evening, and again Ttn. This morn- ing I have been again to see the case, and found the liquid that flows from your premises into the sid of the road the cause of oppressive smoll. Tbr weather being close and warm, I consider it has bee me sheer nece-sity to disinfect the road side at once. For that quicklime would answer the pur- pose. The drain 1 ading into the road ought also to be disinfected every day by m.

In order to permanpnttyabut" the naiiunoe it will be necessary to have the liquid matter con- veyed in a covered drain down to tie mill leet, o to the cliff. Morgan, Esq J. Cheques were drawn for the Clerk's salary, and he intimated his intention to re all the clerk- ships held by him, excepting the highway boards, which he should retain until he stw what changes were made.

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The meetings were get ing rather noisy, and as he 8ttendpd them for forty years, he wautv-d a little peace. The adjourned annual tne, ting cf subscribers to this association was held on Monday afternoon, when here were present-Hr Vaughan Davies, m the chair; Messrs H.

Gardiotr, Bireharovt. M j,tr Williams, Wnllog Messrs T. Bonssll, Glanrheidol B. Cotterell, Derry Ormond — Jeokins. The Chairman said it was necessary that he should explain to them "why they were there that day. A fortnight ajeo, as some of thein would re- member, Mr Fryer brought forward a motinn which etttrttedsomf of them a little, and it was thought the be. Hn now thought it would be very w- ll to ask Mr Flyer to express his viewsjon the subject Mr Fryer said he made the proposal in the hope of keeping the society going but several people whom h» had talked to thought he meant killing the 80' iety.

Having talked the matter over with Mr Gardiner, who had given a great deal of atten- tion to thtt fioanoial part of the business, he could not see the way to carry on the society as it at pre. It had now existed for seven years and each y' ar the subscribtimis had diminished' Last year they showed a balance in hand of A6 7s. So t at they had lowered their balance, and at the same time the secretary's salary had not been paid. They had been spending about. He proposed that the shows should be intermittent, every two or three years, and in the meantime, if they could keep the subscriptions together to fall back upon, let the old horse society be revived, which he oelieved did an immense amount of good the premium for a horse would not co»t more than one-third of what they now gave in prizes every gathering.

He also took into con. Their district was too small for a good society.

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It had been suggested that the show should be ino-ablo-one held at Tregaron, another at Lampeter, another at Aberaeron, and another at Aberystwyth but he had never heard the tenant farmers express a favourable opinion of that they all said they could never take their stock there. There was only one other place they could -Machynlletb, where they had lat and good land, and good oattle similar to their own, whilst at Tre- garon and Lampeter they would have a different class of cattle, and would have to go in entirely tor Welsh. There waa that difficulty of making the show moveable.

He did wot see how the show could be kept upjnnnuallv at the present time. He was glad to see that there was some opposition to his motion at the last meeting, and he would liKe to hear some other people on the subject but he was qaite prepared to move that the snow should be held every second year.

Mr Gardiner said that as it was a matter which very much concerned the tenant farmers, he would be glad to hear what they had got to say before they went much further. Mr Jones, Nantsiriol, said his opinion was ex- actly the same as it was at the last meeting, they might as well let the affair drop altogether as to have the show Jevery three years.

A man might rear an animal which he intended for the first, second, aud third year but it would be lost if they had ao show for three years, because the tenant farmers could not do the same al the landlords. They had kept on with good spirit so far, and there might be some mismanagement- The Secretary The only mismanagement is that you have granted too much money for prizes.

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