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Vater said: I find this thread educational. I now know never to let my kids work at an amusement park that offers housing. When she was 2, I had my daughter now a teen an agreement under which she agreed not to date until the earlier of her 45th birthday or my death. The agreement is notarized so its all good. Did I mention SEX? You will have many opportunities for SEX, if you want it. It's a hobby to release some of the stress one may find working there causes. It's kind of nasty how much SEX happens all around.

Good nasty or bad nasty, it's your call. It was a case of be careful what you wish for, you might get it. Cedar Point has been a very special place to me since my first visit in When I got a job at the park, I was ecstatic. I bailed and left before the end of my contract. What they paid was nowhere near enough money to make it worthwhile, to me, to stay.

My experiences parallel that article a lot. The sexual harassment? Kind of. I was never harassed, but more than many times I noticed people dating their managers. Time off. You can't get time off. I could get two days off in a row if they were one day one work week and another day another work week.

When the park is open, you need to be available to work or else they will fire you, and you will lose your bonus. They do charge for food at the employee areas. Not much though. I mean, you have to pay for food when you are not working anyways. My problem with the employee food was that they didn't seem to care about keeping things clean. The ketchup was in a big bowl with a plastic spoon in it. There was no sneeze guard, no way to keep insects from flying into it.

Nothing keeping other food from falling into it. It was nasty, and when I made a formal complaint to the manager of the cafeteria, the guy told me to shut up and if I didn't shut up, he would see to it that I was fired. Great customer service there. The schedule in the blog that Gonch linked to is just about right. It takes a while to get ready for work, then it takes a long time to get to work.

You work you butt off all day, and then it takes forever to find some food and to get back to your bed. You don't get much sleep, and when you are in your bed, you WILL hear sex, if you aren't the one having it. It's kind of gross how much sex you will hear. You might even be in the other bunk, with the bed moving.

People don't care how much noise they are making either. It's as if they forget you are there because the lights are off. Disgusting, if it's not your thing. At least screw quietly, please. Some of the linked blog post seemed a little whiny to me, but when I complain about working there, I seem kind of whiny to me too.

It's not all bad though.

Sex in Cedar Point com

I say this a lot Working at Cedar Point will make you a man in more ways than one. It was the best and worst time of my life. Let me talk just a little bit about the bonus. This was awesome, but it caused me a lot of stress while I worked there. Many times I would get wrote up for things beyond my control. If you get wrote up too many times, they will terminate you, and you will lose your bonus. That bonus check was the most important thing to me at the time.

One time I got wrote up because a person that I was in charge of did not call the park operations office to tell them that there was an accident and we needed management to the location immediately, like i told her to do. I was tending to the situation, and relied on her to call, but she did not.

Another time, I was wrote up because the water was high and the natural gas line plugged into one of the boats on my ride had pulled loose. It was my fault that maintenance made the line too short to accommodate for the rising water. This was near the end of the season.

Sex in Cedar Point com

One more write-up, and I was going to be sent home without being allowed my bonus check that I worked so hard for. That was the most stressful periods of employment I have ever had in my life. I hate teenage girls. I must really come off as a pedofile when I sell ice cream.

Sex in Cedar Point com

Then again, who else would willingly spend their entire summer off selling Dippin' Dots? There is a little bit of that going around too. A guy who worked at the photo booth for Woodstock's Express was arrested for having relations with a teenage boy working as a games host. He said that nothing happened and that they were just friends, but you never know. Once again. Stay away from the teenagers. They wear green tags, so they are easy to spot and dodge.

The dirtbags working at the Thunder Canyon always talked about horndogging over the teenage girls in their skimpy bathing suits and wet clothes. One guy once told me, "The younger, the better.

Sex in Cedar Point com

My linking to that wasn't an endorsement of the content. That's some of the lamest, whiniest, exactly-what's-wrong-with-the-world complaining about a job that I've ever had the displeasure of reading. I hate to say it, but many people who have worked there have a negative opinion about it.

You'd have to work there to understand. You do kind of know what you are getting into when you apply. There are a few unexpected surprises once there, however, not all of them are bad surprises. If you can stick with the job and not leave after seeing how tough it is, like many people do, you are a strong person.

I am a strong person for working there three seasons. After completing my last season there, I said no way that I will ever go back to that hellhole, but I don't regret working there in the first place.

Sex in Cedar Point com

About being a displeasure reading that, I found it hilarious and very entertaining. I kind of related to some of it. I disagree with some of it too. Thanks for sharing. My opinion of it, looking back on things, is much better than it used to be. I intentionally avoided going back to visit just because I found myself struggling to overcome terrible memories.

Sex in Cedar Point com

Last year, a full seven years give or take a few weeks after working there, I was able to visit and find the magic again. So as not to seem as I'm contradicting myself regarding my earlier post, I was able to disassociate the job itself from a few people who were just terrible at their jobs.

Sex in Cedar Point com

As I said, I had a good crew that set ground rules pretty much about there being no drama and, save for a few minor, isolated incidents, lived up to them. That Top Thrill Dragster crew in was just epic, and the Millennium Force crew with whom I spent a week on a voluntary switch with a friend of mine was outstanding as well. Also, the horror stories of the accommodations didn't hold true for me as I had understanding roommates and we set ground rules as well. If you wanted to mess around, you weren't going to do it in our room.

Sex in Cedar Point com

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