Vancouver naked woman

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Two East Vancouver women are speaking out after they received threatening letters from a neighbour over sunbathing topless in their backyard. During the first few weeks of the coronavirus pandemic in April, the women spent time in their backyard gardening and tanning — sometimes topless. They mostly lay on their stomachs, and would often cover their breasts if they got up to go into the house, they told Daily Hive in a phone interview. When officers came in person to their home and looked at the backyard, Apedaile said a male officer also suggested the women not sunbathe topless. She also questioned why the officers suggested they cover up when being topless is not illegal in Canada, even in public spaces.

Vancouver naked woman

As the weather warmed up in May and the pair spent more time in the backyard again, they received another disturbing piece of mail — this time typed out. But ultimately, the officers told the women not much could be done, Apedaile said. She was confused because it seemed clear the sender lives in the apartment building across the alley based on the camera angle.

Roed did not answer questions about what efforts have been made to find the sender or why officers suggested the women cover up. Vancouver lawyer David Butcher, who represented a woman in who went topless to a Maple Ridge swimming poolexplained that a landmark Ontario case from the s created a test of whether toplessness is indecent or not. Inyear-old Gwen Jacobs was stopped by police while walking down a Guelph street without a shirt.

Vancouver naked woman

She was initially convicted of committing an indecent act, but was later acquitted on appeal in And are they doing any harm to anybody else? Further, if a woman were hypothetically charged with indecency for not wearing a shirt, Butcher expects an easy argument to put forward would be that men are permitted to go shirtless in the same scenario, and Canadians are guaranteed equality under Section 15 of the Charter. Deuphine Apedaile and Cassy Conley photo submitted.

But later in April, they received a disturbing handwritten letter in their mailbox. Conley and Apedaile immediately called police.

Vancouver naked woman Vancouver naked woman

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