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America, can we talk? People are dying. One of these happens every 60 hours on average in the US. Dead wrong. My experience is pretty representative of soldiers of my era. Most of us are really good with an M-4, and most of us like it at least reasonably well, because it is an objectively good rifle. I was good with an M-4, really good. I earned the Expert badge every time I went to the range, starting in Basic Training. This rifle is surprisingly easy to use, completely idiot-proof really, has next to no recoil, comes apart and cleans up like a dream, and is light to carry around.

I like this rifle a lot. I like marksmanship as a sport. With all that said, enough is enough. My knee jerk reaction is to consider weapons like the AR no big deal because it is my default setting. They were shaped like people. Sometimes we even put little hats on them. The fact is, though, when I went through my marksmanship training in the US Army, I was not learning how to be a competition shooter in the Olympics, or a good hunter. I was being taught how to kill people as efficiently as possible, and that was never a secret.

As an avowed pacifist now, it turns my stomach to even type the above words, but can you refute them? Every weapon that a US Army soldier uses has the express purpose of killing human beings. That is what they are made for. The choice rifle for years has been some variant of what civilians are sold as an AR Whether it was an M-4 or an M matters little.

The function is the same, and so is the purpose. These are not deer rifles.

Women fuck gun

They are not target rifles. They are people killing rifles. With this in mind, is anybody surprised that nearly every mass shooter in recent US history has used an AR to commit their crime? High capacity magazine, ease of loading and unloading, almost no recoil, really accurate even without a scope, but numerous scopes available for high precision, great from a distance or up close, easy to carry, and readily available.

This rifle was made for the modern mass shooter, especially the young one. This rifle is so deadly and so easy to use that no civilian should be able to get their hands on one. I always find it interesting that when I was in the Army, and part of my job was to be incredibly proficient with this exact weapon, I never carried one at any point in garrison other than at the range.

Our rifles lived in the arms room, cleaned and oiled, ready for the next range day or deployment. The military police protected us from threats in garrison. They had 9 mm Berettas to carry. They were the only soldiers who carry weapons in garrison. We trusted them to protect us, and they delivered. With notably rare exceptions, this system has worked well. There are fewer shootings on Army posts than in society in general, probably because soldiers are actively discouraged from walking around with rifles, despite being impeccably well trained with them.

Perchance, we could have the largely untrained civilian population take a from that book? I understand that people want to be able to own guns. Yes, we have to manage it, just as we manage car ownership. We manage all things in society that can pose a danger to other people by their misuse.

We restrict what types of businesses can operate in which zones of the city or county. We have a whole system of permitting for just about any activity a person wants to conduct since those activities could affect others, and we realize, as a society, that we need to try to minimize the risk to other people that comes from the chosen activities of those around them in which they have no say. Gun ownership is the one thing our country collectively refuses to manage, and the result is a lot of dead people. It would be really cool to be able to do that, and I could probably cut my commute time by a lot.

Why are you scared? People kill people. It is bullshit, and everybody knows. Not one person I know would argue non-ironically that Formula One cars on the freeway are a good idea. Yes, yes, I hear you now. We have a second amendment to the constitution, which must be held sacrosanct over all other amendments.

The constitution was made to be a malleable document. We can enact gun control without infringing on the right to bear arms. You can have your deer rifle. You can have your shotgun that you love to shoot clay pigeons with. You can have your target pistol. Get a .

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Get a training course. Recertify at a predetermined interval. You do not need a military grade rifle. I need the same weapons the military would come at me with! You know where I can get an Apache helicopter and a Paladin?! Hook a girl up! Good for you.

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I know how enjoyable that is. Military style rifles have been the choice du jour in the incidents that have made our country the mass shootings capitol of the world. Cheetahs are bitey. Professional grade fireworks will probably take your hand off. All but one of these are common sense to the average American. Nobody does. Society needs them gone, no matter how good you may be with yours. We use cookies to collect information from your browser to personalize content and perform site analytics.

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Women fuck gun

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Women fuck gun

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